• The Phillies beat the Rays 9-2 in Scott Kazmir’s final appearance before opening day. Damn, we hate losing to Philadelphia team in anything. So then we just go back and watch our tape of THIS game and we feel soooo much better.
  • It appears as though we will need to adjust our roster projections after all as Dan Micelli appears to be on the verge of being released. The thought is that Micelli would be released to make room for Gary Glover on the 40-man roster. It also appears that Cantu could be sent to the minors in favor of Brendan Harris who is out of options. That move would allow Harris to be the backup infielder and make B. J. Upton the most days second baseman.
  • Both Rocco Baldelli, Josh Paul and Dioner Navarro played in minor league games yesterday. Baldelli was a DH.
  • After the three cuts yesterday, the Rays are now down to 34 players on the roster. Several of the cuts have already been decided but won’t occur until Rocco Baldelli, Dioner Navarro and Josh Paul return from their injuries.
  • Jonny Gomes and Jorge Cantu seem to be feeling the pressure.
  • Season ticket sales are up 10% and sponsorship deals are up 20%. Good news indeed, but keep in mind that 10% of very little is very little.


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