Yes, it is the second time we have used this graphic this week, but we can’t help it. He is so cute and cuddly and Mary-Kate Olseny. You just want to reach out and straighten his fat tie, give him a pat on the back and say “go get ’em”. It’s Manny Stiles and his new blog is up and running. The New York Yankees have their Evil Empire. The Boston Red Sox have their Nation. Now the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have their Universe! Manny Stiles…or Man-Ray…not to be confused with Man-Ram (Manny Ramirez)…is now fully on board and bringing his non-conformist ways to Rays fans everywhere. So go on over and give him some love. You won’t be disappointed.

First up is a poll asking readers to vote for their favorite Ray. We are not going to reveal our vote. OK, we forgot to vote (we were getting a manicure). But we just want to know why Bubba Trammell is not on the ballot!


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  1. Manny Stiles says:

    The logo (Stilesman) has a nice long boring story behind it I suppose I'll tall at some time.

    I am adding a different picture to Stilesman for each post, so when I have 50 different pics, it will be for 50 different articles, see?


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