Now that the Rays have rediscovered that it is easier to win games when you, you know, actually score runs, we are getting excited for the regular season. We are 11 days from opening day and we are here to announce that we will be in the heart of the lion’s den. The arrangements have been made, the Ts have been dotted and the Is have been crossed (reverse that). We will be in New York City for the opening series of the 2007 season when the Rays take on the Evil Empire also known as the New York Yankees. But don’t worry, we will not be abandoning you during this crucial time.

In fact, quite the opposite…

We will be watching opening day from the comfort of a couch in front of a television. That’s right, we will be bringing you the first ever Devil Rays Live Blog (we refuse to call it a Glog). We have had a number of requests for live blogs in the past, especially for weekday day games. Until now we have resisted the temptation mainly out of a feeling of inadequacy. But we are ready to give it a shot.

So, if you are one of the unlucky bastards that is required to be at work on opening day (are your bosses un-American?) we will be here to comfort you and hopefully entertain you a little, as the Rays begin their march towards the 2010 World Series Championship!

And if you aren’t lucky enough to be in NYC with us, but have found your way to a TV, feel free to join us as we chat up the game, and the Rays last look at .500, in the comments section.



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