• Team owner Stuart Sternberg is making a personal appearance at Spring Training. Apparently, The Boss reads five newspapers a day and reads what is written online about the Rays. psst. do you guys think he has been to this site? neither do we.
  • Stuart Sternberg is trying to sell the Rays on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico? We don’t think that is going to be very easy.
  • Stuart Sternberg the fan would also be hopping mad and understands the desire to have more money spent on the field. Stuart Sternberg the owner say “Hey, we did install a new turf!“…We do agree with Mr. Sternberg that the product on the field is more exciting when it is built from within…if it works.
  • The Rays had their first intrasquad game yesterday and B. J. Upton played…right field?
  • So, the best thing that Joe Maddon can say about Brendan Harris is that he has “great face”? What does that even mean? Harris better hope that Pappa Joe only wants attractive players sitting next to him on the bench.
  • To say that the Rays bullpen has a lot of question marks is an understatement.
  • Scott Kazmir learned how to throw a change-up and two days later threw a 2-hit shutout against the Sox. Impressive.
  • Five of the Rays have brothers that are also in Major League camps this Spring.
  • Want to know how the Rays make so many hot dogs during a game? So does Kobayashi. Come on down to Eckerd College.

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  1. J Rose says:

    The more I see and hear of Sternberg the less I like him-call it the Naimoli Effect.

    This guy actually has the nerve to say he thinks this team, with its paltry $24 million payroll, can win 50 games at home, a feat that was accomplished by only four (all winning)teams last year.

    Never mind the honeymoon being over, Stu -you're one season away from fans crying for a divorce!

  2. The Professor says:

    Maybe the Curse of Lamar-Naimoli? Either way 50 wins at home is a bit absurd. The truth is the team probably overachieved last year at home and underachieved on the road.

    As for giving up on the front office...not yet. I have liked more of their moves than i have disliked. I would have liked another veteran arm in the pen this off-season but other than that there wasnt a signing that i thought we should have made. Next years free agent class should be deeper (and hence cheaper) and the team will be ready to spend.

    Lets see what the team looks like a year from now and then start passing judgement.


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