• This is why the Rays reporters bug the heck out of us. Here is an article about Elijah Dukes. The article itself is fairly benign. But early in the article Dukes has the following quote…

Hopefully when I get that call saying I’m in the league, I’ll probably be about 220 [pounds] again.

Then the article makes reference to his “245 pound frame”, and then never mentions his weight again. Did Dukes show up to camp out of shape? That’s how we read it. And if that is the case, why isn’t anybody making a bigger deal of this. One of the team’s top prospects, that has a legitimate shot at making the club and he shows up to camp 25 pounds overweight? Once again it looks like we have been duped by the talent that is Elijah Dukes.

  • Casey Fossum’s goals for 2007? How about 180 innings and a groin that isn’t sore. Now, we don’t know about the groin. That sounds like a personal problem. But in six major league seasons, Fossum has never pitched more than 162 innings. In 2006, Fossum made 25 starts and only had 130 innings. That’s just over 5 innings per start. Even if he stays healthy for 35 sta….We’re sorry. We had trouble typing that without laughing. Even if he stays healthy for 35 starts, that would be about 175 innings. There is no way Fossum is making 35 starts and he is not getting 180 innings. The best news is that Fossum is the most likely candidate to be traded by the deadline in July.
  • Jorge Cantu is saying the same things every player says when they come back from an injury-filled season. He is healthy. He is in great shape. He is ready to get back to doing what he is capable of doing…yada, yada, yada. We’ll see. The Rays are hopeful at best, which explains why they have contingency plans. At least his dad explained to him that he shouldn’t jump in the hole in the road. huh?
  • Earlier this week we wondered aloud when Jeff Niemann would make his major league debut. Looks like he could follow a similar path of James Shields who made 10 AAA starts before making his debut at the end of May.
  • In the same article is word that B. J. Upton took some turns at second base.
  • Shawn Riggans is three years older than Dioner Navarro and he likes him sum fishin’. Speaking of Little Pudge…He is only the fifth catcher in the last 25 years with as much major league catching experience at such a young age. There are some pretty big names on that list. Catcher’s are notorious for developing slowly, especially with the bat. It is the most difficult position to master. That is why Riggans is still considered a prospect at the ripe age of 26. Navarro’s experience will pay dividends down the road.
  • Great interview with Rays prospect Jacob McGee. Hard to read that and not salivate just a little. We here at RI always try to temper our excitement when it comes to prospects at lower levels. That’s why Reid Brignac is not ranked higher in our TVI. We have seen too many instances where a top prospect just levels out and fails to progress. But this kid just keeps getting better. This kid is going to be good.
  • The Trop is getting new FieldTurf. Early reviews are that the turf slows the ball down which will be good for pitchers, but will cut down on the number of extra base hits. It will be interesting to see if Carl Crawford will still be the king of triples
  • We stared at THIS page for a good five minutes trying to figure out why a website with that name was doing a Devil Rays preview.


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