This hottie attractive lady is Julianna, the wife of Rays shortstop Ben Zobrist. In this piece, we learned that Julianna is an aspiring singer. In fact, not only is she a singer, but she would like to use that music to get in touch with your Christian sensibilities (or whatever the purpose of Christian Rock is).

We were curious and found Julianna’s MySpace page. Unfortunately it does not look like Ben has his own MySpace page, and there is not a lot of personal information. However, we did learn from Julianna’s comment sections that at least one of their friends refers to Ben as Benny-Boo. ahhh, how cute! There is also a picture from Ben and Julianna’s wedding…and here we have a picture of Ben showing off his baserunning skills?

We admit that we have a lot of different genre of music on our iPod, but Christian Rock is not among them. We always thought that Christian Rock singers just wore turtle necks and ankle-length skirts (and those are just the guys). If more Christian Rock singers look like Julianna, we might be willing to give it a shot. How bad could it be if her inspirations include Radiohead?



  1. tim says:

    I'm not surprised. Zach Braff ends up with a bevy of gorgeous women, so his baseball-playing alter ego would probably have one too. but wow, talk about hitting the jackpot, both in the genetic lottery and in a wife.

    zobrist might be my favorite player on this team, and having a nickname for him now makes it all that much better.

  2. The Professor says:

    still not sure if we really want this nickname to stick, but anything is better than the ultra-generic "Z-Man".

  3. Jordi says:

    I could have swore Zobrist had a myspace page. I thought I saw it once. May have been a faker.
    Although I am rarely enamored by red-heads, Mrs. Zobrist is quite the cutie. As a denizen of the Tampa area, perhaps I have to spring for lower level tickets this year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    there is one out there, but it is clearly a fake. lists him as single and it uses an action shot of him during a game, which would be pretty vain if real. also, all of his "friends" are ummm, how to put this gently?...slutty. not exactly the friends you would expect for the son of a preacher.

  5. the butler says:

    way more hot Christian singers than one would think...they probably all have tool-bag boyfriends/husbands that can't come close to measuring up to the hotness.

    Jaci Velasquez (oh so hot), Nicole Nordman, Rebecca St. James, Crystal Lewis, Rachel Lampa, Jennifer Knapp, Michelle Tumes...

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ben doesn't have a myspace page, just his wife. I went to college with Ben and we were on the same floor Freshmen year and in a Bible study together.

  7. Rachel says:

    I think that this "article" you wrote is ridiculous. how can you even say such things like this when you don't even know these people. it's just rude. if you go to her myspace page and listen her voice is beautiful and she is glorifying God which is what this life is all about. if you are going to be a "reporter" try and have an unbiased opinion.

  8. Anonymous says:

    rachel.....go hump a bible.

  9. Adam says:

    I went to high school with Ben and played on his baseball team. Unlike myself he has always been very religious. I never expected him to find such a beautiful lady. I dont ever remember him dating anyone in high school

  10. Anonymous says:

    She looks like a doll.

  11. Pastor Jeff Arp says:

    My wife and I grew up in the Iowa City area, I moved from Newton, Iowa to Brandon in the summer of 2007. Immediately switched my allegiance from the K.C. Royals to the Rays (as in Rome do as the... unless they cheer for the Yankees! Bleh!) I tip my hat to anyone who professes a Christian and then walks the talk. Why be a hater? What did they did to you? Go Zobrists! Go Rays!

  12. judas priest says:

    she is so hot id let her sing me an orgasim

  13. She's so pretty! I love her dress in the wedding pic!


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