Unfortunately the Devil Rays still have games left at The Trop this season. Otherwise, the race for the first pick in the draft would not be a race at all. The Rays have shown their true metal and have blown past the Royals into “first place” with 7 straight losses including sweeps at the Yankees and the Blue Jays. On the other hand the Royals are playing like…winners? It is supposed to be the Rays that have talent on the verge of contention, instead there now appears to be hope on the horizon for the Royals and the Rays are in shambles. The Royals are actually winning games and now appear to be tanking this race and handing the first pick in next June’s draft to the Rays on a bronze platter. Pittsburgh is another team that is all of the sudden losing winning games at the wrong time. Two weeks ago, the Rays and Pirates were virtually tied, but now Pittsburgh sits 5.5 games back, after sweeping the Mets, with very few games remaining.

Five teams were eliminated over the weekend, including Cincinnati, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle and Arizona. There are still nine teams that are mathematically alive, but it appears to be a 3-team race, with Kansas City, Tampa Bay and the Cubs. We are still keeping our eyes on Baltimore. They are trying, but the D-Rays may be too shitty for the O’s to catch them the last 2 weeks of the season.

Who is David Price? David Price is the front-runner to be the top pick of Major League Baseball’s 2007 amateur entry draft. Price is a 6’6″ pitcher at Vanderbilt that some scouts have called the left-handed version of Mark Prior. This past season Price went 9-5 with a 4.16 ERA and 155 strikeouts in 110 innings. For Team USA this summer, Price went 5-1 and a 0.20 ERA with 61 strikeouts and 7 walks in 44 innings. He won Baseball America’s Summer Player of the Year award for 2006. Obviously a lot can change in the next 9 months. He could suck next year…He could sign Scott Boras as his agent…his arm could fall off…he could get abducted by aliens…he could get Matt Leinart pregnant…the possibilities are endless. In the meantime, the race is on! May the worst team win.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Royals fan here, and all I have to say is....DAMN YOU DEVIL RAYS!! You better start winning. You may have one this time, but KC's still the shittier team. That first round draft pick is ours!


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