Yesterday, they were all giddy over at the Kansas City Star, because the Royals were no longer the worst team in baseball. Should they have to print a retraction today? Yesterday the Rays finally won a game, and the Royals remembered that they suck, as they were shut out by Kelvim Escobar and the Angels. All of the sudden the Rays and the Royals are tied with 10 games remaining. The Cubs refuse to go quietly and pulled back within 3.5 games, but they are still 4 back in the win column and it is hard to imagine that both the Royals and the Rays can win four more games in their last 10. Especially considering the Rays have six games versus the Yankees and the Red Sox, and the Royals have all 10 games remaining against Detroit and Minnesota, two teams competing for playoff spots…Pittsburgh hurt themselves, and ironically they helped Philadelphia, by beating the Dodgers…Baltimore and Washington are competing for the D. C./Baltimore market, but they are no longer serious contenders for worst record in baseball…Finally, Milwaukee eliminated themselves last night in dramatic fashion.

David Price is a front-runner to be the top pick of Major League Baseball’s 2007 amateur entry draft. Price is a 6’6″ pitcher at Vanderbilt that some scouts have called the left-handed version of Mark Prior. This past season Price went 9-5 with a 4.16 ERA and 155 strikeouts in 110 innings. For Team USA this summer, Price went 5-1 and a 0.20 ERA with 61 strikeouts and 7 walks in 44 innings. He won Baseball America’s Summer Player of the Year award for 2006. Obviously a lot can change in the next 9 months. He could suck next year…He could sign Scott Boras as his agent…his arm could fall off…he could get abducted by aliens…he could get Matt Leinart pregnant…the possibilities are endless. In the meantime, the race is on! May the worst team win.



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