• You may question some of his managerial decisions…you may hate his glasses…you may wish he would actually argue a call for once…you may just think he is a horrible field general…but you have to give credit to Joe Maddon for comparing David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez to Ruth and Gehrig (little strong, but ok), Batman and Robin (which one is Robin?), Peanut Butter and Jelly (those are pretty good), and Chocolate and Red Wine (huh?). [Natural Blog]
  • Thanks to the Bucs and Lightning’s recent championships seasons and all of the sudden the Tampa area is no longer suffering. We really don’t understand the math behind this but at least we aren’t Cleveland. Cleveland Rocks! [Urban Sports Suffering]
  • What would you say if you ran into Jorge Cantu while grocery shopping? No offense. We have nothing against Jorge personally and we understand he has just had one of those seasons that chalk up to injuries and frustrations. We also understand that he has an urge to connect with his fans, but if MLB wants a Devil Ray to blog next season can they please gives us somebody that doesn’t just write three paragraphs about his family and grocery shopping? Of course the comments do provide minutes of Unintentional Comedy Factor. We particularly like the commenter that offered Jorge to come “ride his horses”. We’re sure he will be right over. [Jorge Cantu’s World]
  • It might not be any surprise to you that the Fielding Bible scored all fielders and Manny Ramirez was the wost left fielder in baseball. But would it surprise you that Carl Crawford was rated the best? [Red Sox Talk]
  • Did we really need a mathematical formula to tell us the Devil Rays have ZERO chance of making the playoffs? [Armchair GM]
  • The ever-famous Baseball Crank sees positive signs for the future of the Rays. [Baseball Crank]
  • This is a bit stale, but in hindsight, is it possible that the rest of baseball is rallying behind Delmon Young now because he is doing well AND because everyone’s favorite crazyman, Ozzie Guillen, ordered him to be hit in his first major league at bat? May have been the best thing that could have happened to Delmon. Thanks Ozzie. How are those Madonna Concerts? [Fynal Cut]
  • But let’s face it, we are a forgiving society, especially if you can score touchdowns, or hit .400 in your first two weeks at the Major League level. [The New Bern Sun Journal]


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