D-Rays defeat Boston 2 games to 1. Since the All Star break the Rays have been the absolute worst team in baseball. The worst record…The worst team bating average…The worst team ERA…Who would have thought that the cure for the team’s ills would be the Boston Red Sox? The D-Rays won consecutive games for just the second time in the last month, and now have a shot to win 3 straight games for the first time since they took the first 3 games of a 4-game set against the Boston Red Sox, of course. As you can imagine, Red Sox Nation is not taking it too well. The folks at Soxaholix have even resorted to name-callingThe Tampa Bay Suckaneers? Seems a bit harsh. We, here at RI would like to think we are above such moorish behavior and would never resort to making fun of another team by altering their name…Meanwhile the Boston Red Devils and their pink-hat wearing “Nation” have lost 6 of 10 and now stand 2 games behind the Spankees who are red hot. The Scarlett Hose are also tied with the Twins a half game behind the White Sox in the wild card race. Then again, after reading Surviving Grady you would think that this is exactly where the Nation wants their team. In second place, behind the Yankees and out of the playoff picture? We guess that is just where the Red Sox are most comfortable…staring at the Yankees’ backsides, kinda like how Brooks in Shawshank Redemption couldn’t handle life on the outside.

New York takes two of three from Baltimore. Meanwhile, the Evil Empire is rolling. They have won 10 of 12 and are now 2 games in front of the Sox and 3 games in the loss column. Then again, their last two series were against the Jays and the Horioles, two teams that have all but given up on their respective seasons. The folks at Replacement Level Yankees Weblog have used some mathematical calculations to show that this surge to first place was predictable. Of course, we don’t need a probability theory to tell us this was going to happen any more than we need a calculator to tell us that not puting on sunblock can give you a sunburn. We just know it will happen from past experience. Of course, the Yankees’ schedule over the next month does look pretty brutal.

Toronto loses 2 of 3 to the White Sox. The Jays have lost 9 of 11 and now trail the Yankees by 9.5 games. There are actually closer to the O’s in 4th place than they are to the first place Yankees.


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