Josh Hamilton’s season may be over with injured knee

With the arrival of B. J. Upton, Ben Zobrist and J. P. Howell tonight, we might hve forgotten for a few fleeting moments, what it is to be a Devil Rays fan. Then we hear this news…

Earlier today we noted in the minor league recap that Josh Hamilton had missed the last two games after being pulled for a pinch-hitter on the 29th of June. We have now been able to confirm from Stacy Morgan, the Communications Director of the Hudson Valley Renegades that Hamilton has injured his knee. He is scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews next week. The injury must be serious as players don’t visit Dr. James Andrews when they have a sprain, just like people don’t visit a coroner unless they are dead. In fact, in almost every instance, surgery is required. This news means that Hamilton’s season is likely over. He was hitting .260-0-5 in 15 games since being reinstated by Major League Baseball.



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