Two videos below of B. J. Upton making spectacular, yet eerily similar plays last week in Oakland and earlier this season in the minors.

We are all familiar with B. J. Upton’s defensive struggles. Those struggle kept him in the minor leagues the past year and half. Of his defensive errors, most were of the throwing variety. Things did not seem to be improving, so after Aubrey Huff was traded, Upton was moved to third base to facilitate a quicker rise to the major leagues, despite the impending trade of shortstop Julio Lugo. He has played 16 games since being called up and has already committed 4 errors. However, he has also made some spectacular plays. None was more spectacular than his recent play in Oakland, throwing Nick Swisher out from the seat of his pants. While that was amazing, Upton does have some experience with that type of play.

The first video is from the recent Oakland game. The second video is a similar play made by Upton while playing shortstop for the Durham Bulls earlier this season. Simply amazing.


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  1. dave says:

    i was at that a's/rays game, and upton made a hell of a throw.

    on the other hand -- it's kind of hard to tell from the video -- he literally just fell on his ass trying to grab the short hop. we know dude has an arm, but let's not say anything about range.

  2. teddy higuera says:

    three cheers for the rays blog.
    slightly off topic, i made a bet three years ago after pinella signed on that the rays would make the playoffs within the next three years. wow, was i wrong. $20, see ya later.


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