• You can forgive us for doing a double-take when we read this headline. We must admit if we had to set the over-under for seeing a headline like this we would have guessed, not ’til 2009. [Battlecreek Enquirer]
  • Speaking of which, the D-Rays tragic number for elimination is now 14 in the AL East and 15 in the wildcard. Um yeah…We’d say that the playoff hopes are fading. [MLB]
  • It’s too bad this guy can’t pitch. [Devil Rays]
  • Speaking of mascots, Wool E. Bull failed in his attempt to be inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame. Could it be because he was taking ‘performance enhancing drugs‘? [Durham Bulls]
  • The Devil Rays recently held a fashion show in which players and coaches modeled clothing to help raise money for children with cancer. [Devil Rays]
  • Apparently Rudy Lugo was the hit of the fashion show. Well, this was not the first time that Rudy has gone public with his fashion sensibility. We would have voted for something similar to Carlos Valderamma. [Vero Beach Dodgers]
  • The Devil Rays have done a good job, having already signed 10 of their top 11 picks from this past June’s draft. However, time is running out for the last unsigned player from that group. Nick Fuller, a right handed pitcher out of Georgia, remains unsigned and appears ready to enroll in classes at South Carolina. [Gamecock Central]
  • Bill Simmons seems to think the Rays have ‘No Chance in Hell’ to make the playoffs this season. Really? This just in…Bill Simmons is a smart man. Oh and he is angry about it. His reasoning? They ruined his fantasy team. [ESPN Page 2]
  • In another story from the Land of the Obvious…apparently Rocco Baldelli is not Joe Dimaggio. Next week Fox Sports is going to write a story about how Seth McClung is not Roger Clemens, and we will lose another 3 minutes form our lives reading it. [Fox Sports]
  • A good interview with Carl Crawford about…video games? But hey….when the title is “The Best Athlete in Baseball”, we are going to read it. [IGN]
  • Best Athlete? Maybe. Fastest player in baseball. Definitely. [Globe and Mail]
  • Here is an interesting little map from the people at Frappr. There is really Devil Rays fan in Saskacthewan? [Frappr]


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