• When Baseball America ranked each organization in the preseason, The Tampa Bay Devil Rays were #10, which is about where they have been each of the last four seasons. Well, according to Jim Callis, if they were to redo the rankings in midseason, The Devil Rays would have jumped all the way to #1. Callis notes that the Rays still have Delmon Young at or near the top of the Top 100 prospects list and that players like Reid Brignac, Wade Davis and Jacob McGee have made the jump into the Top 100. Also, the Rays have added two Top 100 players this year in top draft pick, Evan Longoria and recent acquisition Joel Guzman. [Baseball America]
  • Speaking of Joel Guzman, here is a nice write-up on what exactly the Rays were able to pluck from the Dodgers. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • Recently Baseball Digest Daily interviewed Devil Rays’ Executive VP of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman. Here is Part I. Here is Part II.
  • The Devil Rays attendance is up almost 30% from last season, second only to the White Sox in % increase. Of course, 30% of nothing isn’t very much. [tbo.com]
  • Playing the Rays is like “babysitting octuplets”….huh? [CBS Sportsline]


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