• Before we get to the arcane, the humorous and the ridiculous, lets take a look at a rare bright spot in the 2006 season. As D-Rays fans, we are all quite familiar by now with Evan Longoria’s exploits, but it is nice to see that others are starting to notice also. Here is nice write-up on Longoria’s early success. [Mop Up Duty]
  • Sometimes it is just too easy to make fun of the Devil Rays. Does the front office realize how silly and amateurish some of their ideas appear to be to outsiders? [Deadspin]
  • One blogger blames the Devil Rays organization for Delmon Young’s bat throwing incident. [Minor League Ball]
  • Who would you rather have? Carl Crawford or Jose Reyes? [Mike’s Mets]
  • This one is great…A Yankees fan was bored and decided to be the D-Rays GM for a day. In essence this is what he would do to make the team better. Sign Mark Buerhle, Kerry Wood, Ryan Dempster…thats where we got bored and quit…Best we can tell, he would just up the payroll to about $200 million. Wow! Why didn’t Andrew Friedman think of that? [Canyon of Heroes]
  • Scott Kazmir appears to be the exception, not the rule. [Da Sports Authority]
  • Apparently the Devil Rays stunk it up at the trade deadline by getting rid of free agents-to-be and acquiring minor leaguers that nobody ever heard of. [Bonzai]
  • Well, two of those nobodies, Joel Guzman and Ben Zobrist, joined Delmon Young on a recent list of the Top 50 minor league prospects. [The Raw Feed]
  • Apparently the front office and coaching staffs don’t understand why the fans and media are so interested in Delmon Young. [MLB Rumors Clearinghouse]
  • Damn Devil Rays? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Damn Yankees! [Out of Leftfield]
  • What exactly is The Ray Way? Oh and apparently Wade Boggs is Mr. Devil Ray and Aubrey Huff was Miss Devil Ray, whatever that means. [Bichette Happens]


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