Every once in a while we like to check in on fellow bloggers and see what they have to say about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and their players. Maybe we do it for a little extra bit of analysis…Maybe we do it for another point of view…Maybe we do it because we are masochistic and know that nobody ever has anything good to say about the Rays…or maybe, just maybe, we do it so that we realize that RI really isn’t that bad.

  • For those of you that are not familiar with Paul Lukas, he has a Page 2 column at espn.com and he also runs his own blog, Uniwatch. In his own words Uniwatch is “The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics” and is a must read. Well in today’s post there was mention (as well as images) of how Pedro Martinez has extra fabric sewn into his sleeves so that they are baggier on his arms. Well, now it turns out that Carl Crawford does the same thing with his pant legs! C. C. may actually be the first baseball player to ever wear Bell-Bottoms. Not exactly the type of retro we like to see on a baseball field. (scroll to bottom of article for the discussion of Carl Crawford) [Uniwatch]
  • The fellows over at Hardball Bloggers have named the best player in the history of every franchise. For the Devil Rays, they have named Carl Crawford as the greatest Devil Ray in the long storied history of the franchise. He must feel so honored. Personally, we would have gone with Mike Kelly. [Hardball Bloggers]
  • Here is an interview with John Tamargo the manager for the Durham Delinquents Bulls. We expect that John will have to add another word to that title at the end of the season…Former. [Baseball Digest Daily]
  • When the Devil Rays beat the Tigers last week, they helped lower the White Sox magic number to 64. This got us to thinking…what is the Rays’ magic number? With 51 games remaining and the Rays trailing the Yankees by 24 in the loss column, the Rays’ Magic Number to win the division is 76! Of course the Rays’ Tragic Number is a bit more realistic at 33 before being eliminated. [White Sox Magic Number Update]
  • Once again the Rays’ single-A affiliate the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays are proving that they are leading the way in promotional giveaways. Two weeks ago, they gave away a 3-credit college course. [Deadspin]
  • According to The Healthy Scratch we should just go home and stop paying attention to the Rays. We aren’t really sure what they are scratching, but lets hope its not contagious. [The Healthy Scratch]
  • Finally some love for Delmon Young. [Just the Stats, Ma’am]
  • Because we are tired of reading posts like this one. [The Daily Dizzle]
  • If only Superman could pitch for the Rays. [YouTube]
  • Poor Raymond…Couldn’t get any love from Angels pitcher Hector Carrasco. [YouTube]


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