Earlier this season we thanked the Mets for Scott Kazmir and offered our condolensces to Mets fans. There was even a new blog started in honor of the lopsided trade that sent 22-year old All-Star Kid K to the D-Rays in exchange for Victor Zambrano. Zambrano has been shut down for the season and his career may be over after winning 10 games in 39 appearances for the Metropolitans. We knew there would be increased talk about the Kazmir deal as the trade deadline approached, but we didn’t see this coming. Now there is an entire article in Sports Illustrated this week that covers the prils of the trade deadline deal and the article features Scott Kazmir and the trade that brought him to the Devil Rays.

The article starts…

With each fastball that Scott Kazmir throws, a metropolis groans. With each slider that plummets through the strike zone like a tiny jet whose engines have failed, thousands of fans a thousand miles north bemoan their fate.

It must be tough to be a Mets fan right now. What makes the situation worse is that the team could really use another starting pitcher. Even Jose Lima has started games for the Mets this season. Jose Lima? Now that is desperate.

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