Minnesota 8, D-Rays 1. It was billed as the matchup of the two best young pitchers in the big leagues. The Twins’ Francisco Liriano versus the Rays’ Scott Kazmir. Both are 22…both have shown the ability to dominate at a young age…Both entered the game with 10 wins…Kid K was an All-Star…Liriano should have been…Both were acquired by their respective teams in what turned out to be lopsided trades (Liriano came to Minnesota with Joe Nathan for A. J. Pierzynski). We had heard much about Liriano, but right now we have to admit, he stands head and shoulders above Kazmir. Liriano has what Kazmir does not have yet…Consistency. And he is consistent because he is efficient. In 8.2 innings, Liriano threw 111 pitches. In 6 innings, Kazmir threw 93 pitches. On top of that, Liriano threw his hardest pitch of the night in the top of the 9th (97 mph). Seth Speaks did a very impressive pitch-by-pitch analysis of the two pitchers. All you have to do is ask yourself one question. If you were starting a team today and you had to choose between Liriano and Kazmir, which would you choose? You are lying to yourself if don’t say Liriano and right now it is not even close. This is no knock on Kid K. He is good. He will be great. But right now, he is not Liriano. It is not even close. Don’t get us wrong…we love Kazmir, but if the Twinkies offered Liriano for him straight up, we would drive to the Metrodome and pick up Liriano ourselves. Alas, that will never happen and that suits us just fine. We love having Kid K on our side. He will rebound and he will be great…By the way, the losing streak now sits at five in a row and eight of nine.



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