Minnesota 7, D-Rays 2. Shake, Shake, Shake your lineup…Manager Joe Maddon shuffled the lineup last night in an effort to awaken the team’s bats. We have long be advocates for moving Carl Crawford into the 3-spot of the lineup, but we knew there was really not a legitimate #2 hitter on the roster (the reason the acquisition of Ben Zobrist was so important). Well, Maddon solved that problem by moving, at least temporarily, by moving the slumping Jonny Gomes up to the second spot. The move gives Gomes an order of protection from C. C. that he wouldn’t normally receive from someone like Damon Hollins. The move could also take pressure off of Gomes so that he doesn’t feel the need to hit a 5-run home run every time he is at the plate. Well, the move worked for Gomes last night as he hit only his second home run in over a month. Unfortunately the lineup shuffle generated the same results for the rest of the lineup as the team’s offense continues to struggle. And the pitching is not helping. Last night, Jae Seo gave up to home runs to a guy that had only hit 1 home run all season. The team has now lost all six games since the break and nine of ten overall. And the schedule does not get any easier from here on out. Tonight the team faces the best pitcher in the AL in the form of Johan Santana. Then after a series against the Orioles, the Rays must play consecutive series the Angels, the Yankees, the Tigers and the Red Sox. Yesterday we feared a 5-25 stretch. Now we are afraid that prediction was too optimistic.



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