update: Carl Crawford was not named as a reserve for the All-Star game, nor was he one of the five candidates for the final roster spot. The five candidates are Travis Hafner, Ramon Hernandez, Francisco Liriano, A.J. Pierzynski, and Justin Verlander. Frankly, Crawford would have struggled in a vote with this group. With Crawford’s slow start, Liriano and Hafner are both more deserving. In fact, shouldn’t Liriano (9-1, 1.99) be on the squad anyway? However, for the life of us, why is Pierzynski on this list and Crawford is not? Oh yeah…The same reason Mark Buerhle is on the roster and Curt Schilling is not…that wacko Ozzie Guillen is managing the team and went with his own guy.

The All-Star teams will not be announced until this evening, but thanks to the guys over at
High and Tight, they noticed that most of the rosters can be found at the MLB shop where you can already purchase All-Star jerseys. Just select the pull-down menu to see the jerseys that are available for players that will play in the game. Among the jerseys that are available is that of Scott Kazmir, with his customary #26 for the AL squad. The rosters only include 24 AL players and 25 NL players. Each all-star team will have 32 members, so there are still some open slots. Therefore there is still hope for Carl Crawford making the squad. Since Crawford has overcome his injured wrist that plagued him the first two months of the season, he has been one of the hottest players in the major leagues. After last night’s performance, he is hitting .380 with 11 home runs and 24 RBI in the last 30 games.

Considering that during most seasons, the Devil Rays haven’t even had one player deserving of All-Star recognition, lets hope that in a season with two deserving players, that they both get the nod. Kid K’s number has already been punched…here is hoping that C. C.’s name will be called later today.

The National League squad can be found here.

Tomorrow’s All-Stars, Today. [High and Tight]
American League All-Star Jerseys [MLB Shop]
National League All-Star Jerseys [MLB Shop]


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