Washington 6, Devil Rays 2. That was ugly…No that was real ugly, and by real ugly we mean Don Mossi ugly…We are on record as saying that we liked the hiring of Joe Maddon. While he does things a bit unorthodox at times, we believe he is a good manager and has the potential to be a great manger. However, it is days like this that make us miss Lou Piniella. There is no reason this team should have lost 2 of 3 to the Washington Nats, especially after playing what was probably their best all-around game during Friday night’s victory. We don’t know Joe Maddon well enough yet to gauge how he reacted to this loss, but we have a feeling he did not unleash a tongue-lashing that this team sorely needs and that Lou Piniella most certainly would have dished out. In fact, it is probably in the best interest of Lou Piniella’s blood pressure that he wasn’t managing the Rays on Sunday afternoon. With Jonny Gomes sitting out once again in a National League park without the DH and his sore right shoulder, and with Maddon giving both Rocco Baldelli and Julio Lugo the day off, we wonder if Maddon gave up on this game before it started. The team now has lost 4 of 6 and must finish out the first half of the season with 6 games against the Red Hose and the the Spankees. We understand sitting Rocco, who is still working back from injuries and is an excellent candidate to sit during day-games after night-games, but there is no logical reason to sit Lugo. Yes, Maddon likes to play all his guys, but with a lineup that is already missing Gomes and Baldelli, and already having a day off on Thursday, it seems that Lugo should have been out there today.

Would that have made the difference? Not likely. The team looked more like the Bad News Devil Rays or the Tampa Bay Uptons today. The team committed 4 errors. Seo gave up 7 hits and 2 walks in 5 innings. As good as Friday night’s game was…this one was just as ugly…Don Mossi ugly.



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