• Imagine that…suddenly it is cool to be part of Red Sox Nation. We have to admit, we used to have a soft-spot in our heart for the Red Hose, with their stumbling and losing ways and that old axiom, “our enemy’s enemy is our butt buddy” or whatever that saying is. In other words, our pure hatred for everything Spankee’s drove us to root hard for the Sox. But give the team one championship and all of the sudden they are the greatest thing since Vanilla Ice. If you ask us, with their “better-than-you” attitude the Red Sox are dangerously close to becoming the Duke Blue Devils of Major League Baseball. Of course, maybe the ‘BOSTON RED DEVILS’ fans just need to be reminded that in the last 87 years, their team has as many championships as the Arizona Diamonbacks…fewer than the Florida Marlins…and only one more than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. [Surviving Grady]
  • While we are secret admirers of Surviving Grady (see above), it appears as though the boys over at Soxaholix and Fire Brand of the American League have decided that things are sooooo good, they can take a vacation. We ask you…would Ben Wrightman take a vacation during the season?
  • That being said we fully expect Big Papi and Manny being Manny to hit 9+ home runs in this series and for Curt Schilling to take his all-star snub and shove it up Ozzie “I don’t hate homosexuals because i like the WNBA” Guillen’s arse in the form of a 2-hit shutout on the 4th of July.
  • The Devil Rays have lost 4 of 6 including 2 of 3 this past weekend to the damn Washington Nats! (we are mad, Lou Piniella mad) and are in danger of finishing the first half of the season in a very ugly manner with 4 games against the Red Sox and 3 games against the Spankees. Tampa is 35-47, 16.5 games behind the Red Sox in the AL East and 2.5 games behind the Orioles. We wanted to see what it would be like to be in first place, so turned the monitor upside-down…then we realized it would just be easier to stand on our head. Besides, the rush of blood to the head could do us some good.
  • The Red Sox just kicked the National League’s arse to the tune of a 16-2 interleague record, including this past weekend in which they took 2 of 3 from the Marlins. Boston is 50-29 and have a 4 game lead over the Bronx Roiders.
  • One good sign for the Rays is that they play 30 of their next 40 games at the Tropicana Dome, where they have a winning record (18-17). That’s called desperate for something good to write.

Monday, 7:15 et
Boston Josh Beckett, RHP (10-3, 4.64)
Devil Rays Scott Kazmir, LHP (9-5, 3.59)

Tuesday, 4:15 et

Boston Curt Schilling, RHP (10-2, 3.54)

Devil Rays Casey Fossum, LHP (3-3, 5.03)

Wednesday, 7:15 et

Boston Jason Johnson, RHP (3-9, 6.22)
Devil Rays Tim Corcoran, RHP (2-0, 1.17)

Thursday, 7:15 et
Boston Tim Wakefield, RHP (6-8, 3.90)
Devil Rays James Shields, RHP (4-1, 4.39)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    please let us know when one of the devil dawgs hit 20 homers, and we'll purchase your metropolitan area.
    happy 4th
    ghost of lou merloni

  2. Anonymous says:

    And what exactly is wrong with having a fanbase that invades every stadium the team plays in?

    (PS. I hate the Red Sox, and the Yankees... but am a fan of another SPORTS franchise whose fans have the tendency to invade and conquer away stadiums. AND We were doing it for decades before our most recent championship.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your most famous season-ticket holder is Dick Vitale.
    You have no right to criticize ANYONE.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What's the name of this team?
    The Sting Rays?
    Manta Rays?
    Raise up BCS?
    Ray Charles?
    Charles River?
    River Wild?
    Minnesota Wild?
    Minnesota Fats?
    Fats Domino?
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
    When this team wins something, then you can bitch about another team.

  5. The Professor says:

    by win "something"...did you mean tonight's 3-0, 2-hit shutout by a guy that is barely legal?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just want it to be known that the most recent anonymous post, whether it was from a Sox, Rays, or Pirates fan, was probably the worst reply I have ever seen to anything in my entire life.

    by the way who is the most famous Red Sox season ticket holder? Just curious.

  7. The Professor says:

    The Red Sox mnost famous season ticket holder? Try Ben Affleck...'nuf said...ill take Dickie V.!!!

  8. cooper says:

    Stephen King I would think....

    I have to say, I don't much like the DRays and grew up for a time in Mass so I have always like the BoSox, but I cannot help but think the same thing. Suddenly I feel like the RedSox are becoming who they have always hated, the big bad Yankees. I mean heck, the White Sox have won as many championships as the Red Sox in the last 87 years. The Angels too!!

    P.S. I am a Cubs fan, so I come from a fan base that invades stadiums but has almost nothing to cheer about, just like you, except for our ace pitchers (Zambrano and Kazmir).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Many Red Sox fans feel the same way: Too many pink-hat wearing, Sweet Caroline singing newbies who jumped on the bandwagon two years ago and weep to the sweet memories of Fever Pitch every night. Morons who don't remember when there were no seats on the Green Monster. The Boston Herald's Tony Masssarotti wrote about them in early June. But that's the price you pay for a championship. Suddenly you can't get tickets to Fenway. It's happening to the White Sox.
    The Yankees always have had the best national fan base because they win.
    Many long-time Red Sox fans have the same gripe you do. And there's not much anyone can do about it. Look at the bright side: at least we're not Cubs fans. We're there to cheer for a team that wins. I do, however, hope that the Red Sox fans who invade the Trop do so with respect for what the Devil Rays are building. (Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir? What were the Mets thinking?)

  10. Yoko says:

    You know how to keep the obnoxious visitors out of your stadium? Have a fan base that buys up the tickets and shows up.It's simple.

  11. artboy says:

    Hey Yoko--You know how to keep the obnoxious visitors out of your stadium? Have a fan base that buys up the tickets and shows up--Except when your ballpark is the world's largest Home Depot. I should know. I just saw my Twins welcome reams of Cub fans to the world's largest Wal-Mart. (Or is that Target?)


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