• While Jonny Gomes is now able to play everyday without anymore games in National League parks, an MRI on the last homestand indicated that he may need minor surgery at the end of the season. This leads us to believe that Gomes will be restricted to DH duty for the rest of the season. [devilrays.com]
  • An interesting sidenote to the above news is that Jonny Gomes has ordered a first baseman’s glove and plans to start practicing at the position. There doesn’t appear to be any chance of Gomes playing there this season, but with Travis Lee a pending free agent and recently benched, along with the flexibility (position-wise, not body-wise) of Ty Wiggington, Gomes could be the first baseman for the Rays in 2007. [devilrays.com]
  • Tyler Walker has been on the disabled list since June 13. Yesterday we read that Walker had suffered a setback and would go visit Dr. James Andrews. At the time the team made no indication about the seriousness of the injury, but we knew as soon as we saw Dr. James Andrews that it was probably season-ending. Pitchers don’t go to Dr. Andrews for any other reason. Well, the word came down today that Walker will indeed have season-ending surgery and may actually miss the early part of next season. This will have a profound effect on the future of Walker in a Devil Rays uniform. Walker is arbitration eligible at the end of the season. It is hard to say at this point if the team will want to take a chance on Walker and bring him back next season. The team may very well have other options in the form of Seth McClung, Edwin Jackson, Tim Corcoran and Juan Salas. [tbo.com]


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