While we await the return of the Devil Rays from the All-Star break, Let’s take a look at what is being said about the team and their players out in the Blogosphere.

  • Astros fans liked the Aubrey Huff trade so much they have…written a song? We introduce you to H. R. Huff ‘n Stuff. [Smell the Glove]
  • Was the Huff trade good for the Rays? One site thinks we should remember the date when the team finally starts winning. [DRays Bay]
  • While another site believes the Rays were just thirsty. [zachls]
  • The Mets are the one team that keeps popping up in the Julio Lugo sweepstakes. With Jose Reyes firmly entrenched at shortstop, that would leave Lugo to play secondbase. [Mike’s Mets]
  • We are getting tired of bloggers out there commenting on potential trades and mentioning how the Rays are usually tough to trade with. They must have missed the memo about a new front office, and how the Rays have made more trades in the past 9 months, then they did in the previous four seasons. Guys…Lamar and Naimoli are not here any more! [Kenny’s Sports Spectacular]
  • Of the perennial losers in all the major sports, where do the Rays rank in overall chance to end the ineptitude? [Mondesi’s House]
  • Thanks to Kid K, we might soon have a new word in our vocabulary…Kazmired. [Hardball Heaven]
  • Speaking of Kaz, apparently we can thank Al Leiter, John Franco and their musical arrogance for Scott Kazmir wearing a Devil Rays uniform. [Hot Foot]
  • And Deana thinks Kid K looks like he is 12 years old. Now she knows why we call him Kid K. [Seattle Marinerds]
  • It always annoys us when fans of the Red Sox and the Yankees think that every good player should play for their respective teams. This Red Sox fan thinks it is wrong for Kid K to playing for the Devil Rays. [Cursed to First]
  • Now that Delmon Young has become a complete 6-tool prospect (hitting, hitting for power, speed, glove, arm strength, bat tossing) he has retained his position as the top prospect in all baseball. [D. A. Humber: Baseball Central]
  • So the question now is…Is Delmon the next Alex Rodriguez, or the next Darryl Strawberry? [Roto Rob]
  • Dusty Baker is clearly on the hot seat in Chicago…So let the Lou Piniella rumors start swirling. [Osos, Inc.]
  • Then again, if one observer was actually in charge, the Devil Rays managerial position would be vacant again very soon. [African-American Sports Take]
  • Another good idea for a Devil Rays name change? [Capitol Punishment]
  • Or this one. [African-American Sports Take]
  • What is more American than a D-Rays game and…Needle Arts? [Thriftgoddess]
  • First Carl Crawford, now the Rockies want B. J. Upton. Good luck with that one. [Baseball With An Altitude]
  • Speaking of C. C., if you were starting a team today, would he be one of the outfielders? [Kenny’s Sports Spectacular]
  • And if you had to pick one player from everyone that has ever worn a Rays uniform to represent the team, would C. C. be the “Face of the Devil Rays”? Not yet, but give him a year or two. Right now? Wade Boggs? Fred McGriff? Rocco Baldelli? Scott Kazmir? [The Bottom Line]
  • The single-A, Southwest Michigan Devil Rays have made the list of top-10 most outrageous promotions. [Kansas City Star]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I get a confirmation that we have given our pitchers the lowest run support in the majors since that last Boston game? I'm pretty sure it's true. And sad.

    Don't make that Huff trade bite us in the ass.


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