• The Rays enter this series 41 and friggin’ 58, 3.5 games behind the Horioles and 6,242 games behind the Red Hose in the AL East. The Rays are so far behind Boston right now, they should just move the team to Anchorage, Alaska. When the season started, we hoped for a .500 season…Then the goal was to finish ahead of Baltimore in the highly competitive AL East…Now we just want the team to stop embarrassing themselves.
  • The Angelinos are 50-48, in 3rd place in the AL west but only 1 game behind Oakland and a half game behind Texas, both of whom are about as scared as a fastball approaching Vlad Guerrero’s thunder stick.
  • After James Shields won his big-league debut against the Angels, on June 5, the Angels have won the last 5 match ups, including a 3-game sweep last week.
  • Last time the Devils faced the Angels…no not that time…the last time the Devil RAYS faced the Angels, we got on Halo’s Heaven for calling for the promotion of Howie Kendrick, to replace the veteran Adam Kennedy during the pennant race. Well, we must eat at least a little crow for that one. Since then, Kendrick has been recalled and is platooning at 2B. He has handled himself very well so far, with 3 hits in his first game back and hits in each of his 4 starts and 5 RBI. We still think that Mike Scioscia (one of our all-time favorite players) is too smart and too old-school to give Kendrick very many starts and ABs down the stretch.
  • Speaking Halo’s Heaven and platooning. They are now calling for an all-platoon lineup. By all-platoon, they of course mean that Super-Vlad would start against righties and Mega-Vlad would start against southpaws.
  • Vlad, Vlad, Vlad…blah, blah, blah…Juan Rivera has 8 home runs this month and 3 multi-HR games in July.
  • Its good to play at The Pit…The Rays have the 2nd biggest disparity between home and road record in the Majors. They are 24-21 at The Pit and 17-37 on the road. The Twins have a 37-11 record at home and 19-30 on the road.

Probable Pitchers

Monday, 7:15 et

Los Angeles John Lackey, LHP (8-6, 2.93)
Devil Rays Jae Seo, RHP (2-8, 5.44)

Tuesday, 7:15 et

Los Angeles Ervin Santana, RHP (11-3, 4.03)
Devil Rays James Shields, RHP (4-4, 5.75)

Wednesday, 12:15 et

Los Angeles Bartolo Colon, RHP (1-5, 4.55)
Devil Rays Casey Fossum, LHP (4-3, 4.84)



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