Scranton 8, Durham 1. Some people see the finish line and they freeze. Others see the finish line and the find another gear. In the Houston Astros’ organization Ben Zobrist was languishing at AA. Since his trade to the Devil Rays and the subsequent promotion to AAA, Zobrist has found another gear. B. J. ‘don’t call me Melvin’ Upton, has moved to third base and Julio Lugo is likely to be traded. Zobrist can smell the big leagues. Last night Zobrist went 2-3 with a walk. In 6 games at Durham he is 8-21 (.381) with a .500 OBP. A lot can change in two weeks. Two weeks ago the future shortstop for the Rays was either Upton, Lugo or Reid Brignac. All three give us agida for some reason (Upton and Brignac are terrible defensively…Lugo is a free agent the team cannot afford). Zobrist? He appears to be solid defensively. His style of hitting is nowhere to be seen on the Rays’ roster. He is an OBP machine when the team desperately needs one.

West Tennessee 5, Montgomery 1. Jeff Niemann’s record (0-4) is not very good. In fact it sucks. But for the most part he has pitched well in his return…that was until last night. Last night Niemann gave up 7 hits, 1 walk and 4 runs in 4 innings of work.

Vialia 7, Modesta 6. And the future third baseman for the Devil Rays? B. J. Upton? Try Evan Longoria. 24 professional games…10 home runs….383 batting average. That was after another 3-5 performance with a home run and 4 RBI.



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