Jacksonville 7, Montgomery 2. Jorge Cantu DH’d and went 0-4, one day after going 2-3 with a home run and 5 RBI. 2B Eliot Johnson hit his 9th home run of the season. For all the talk of the depth of outfielders in the organization, we think that people are missing the number of infielders that are potential major leaguers. With Jorge Cantu already making a name for himself in the bigs, and B. J. Upton considered by most a star in waiting, the team also has several other prospects. In addition to Johnson, SS Reid Brignac is putting up strong numbers in Visalia. Even as he struggles in the field, Brignac may be the player that pushes Upton to third base or the outfield. Also, Wes Bankston is believed to have a major league bat, although the team is still looking for a position for him to play. He has spent the mojority of this season at 3B after having previously played the outfield and first base.

Inland Empire 11, Visalia 6. There is a team called “Inland Empire”? Is this a single-A affiliate of the “Evil Empire”? We better look this up…Thanks to the amateur encyclopedites over at Wikipedia we juat learned that “Inland Empire” refers to the region of southern California that includes the counties east of Orange County. The team is the single-A affiliate of the Mariners and appear to be named after Route 66. Too Much Information.

Lansing 5, SW Michigan 0.
2 hits for the Rays…yuck.



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