OK, he is 15 months later than we expected, but we still can’t help but get excited to have Rocco Baldelli back a week earlier than expected. The best news from last night’s drubbing at the hands of the Angels? After the game, Joey Gathright was sent down to Durham to make room for the return of Rocco. Originally the club had planned to have Baldelli in AAA for three weeks, feeling it would take some time to get his stroke back. Well, the powers that be decided 12 games was sufficient. And it is hard to argue against. In those 12 games, Rocco was 19-47 (.407) with 5 doubles and 4 RBI. Barring any unforeseen travel problems, look for Rocco to make his first start tonight since 2004. No word yet if he will DH or play RF.

Baldelli up, Gathright down [mlb.com]



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