A few days ago, we commented about the torrid start of the Devil Rays first round selection Eva Evan Longoria. Andrew Freidman had stated that the plan was for Longoria to play the 2006 regular season at Hudson Valley and then spend this fall in the Arizona Fall League working at different positions (2B, SS). While other first round picks are just beginning to negotiate contracts, Longoria has already earned his first promotion. He is being moved to the high-A Visalia Oaks, in the process, bypassing the low-A Southwest Michigan Devil Rays (The Devil Rays tend to send hitting prospects to the hitter-friendly California League and pitching prospects to SW Michigan). At Hudson Valley, Longoria batted .424 (14-33) with 4 home runs and 11 RBI in only 8 games. Is Longoria on the fast track to the major leagues?

update: We are quickly turning into big Evan Longoria fans and are working on a nickname. There is too much to love about this guy. First and foremost is the picture above. Gotta love the old-school look with the pants just below the knees. Add to that is fact that Longoria played for a college baseball team whose nickname is Dirtbags“. This kid just reeks “baseball player”. In a time when too many scouts and GMs talk about skills, tools and talent, it is nice to see a team draft a player that may not be the fastest or throw the hardest but ust happens to be a really good baseball player. We’ll take a team full of Longoria’s anytime.


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    Evan came to my high school Western Christian and helped teach me and my baseball team the fundamentals of the game. It was a great experience for us all and we still use all of the drills that he showed us. He is a awesome guy and even though he was swamped with his practices he still found time to come down and help out. Last year we won our first league champion ever and part of that was because of the things Evan taught us. Also i saw him at a Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach game were he was hit in the head by a fastball. He went out for the rest of the game but continued playing the rest of the year. He is as tough as they come.


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