• One Mets fan is in denial. Mets Guy in Michigan wrote an epic blog trying to explain why the Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano trade is the reason WHY the Mets are in first place. Did we read that correctly? Yes. A Mets fan actually believes that the Mets are in first place because they don’t have Kid K and they do have Zambrano on the DL. *we are giggling like a school girl* [Mets Guy in Michigan]
  • Story has it that B. J. Upton ripped into Delmon Young after he was suspended for throwing a bat at an umpire. Upton let Young know that not only was he hurting the team and the organization, but was hurting his own chances to get to the big leagues. Good for Upton, who suddenly looks like he could be the clubhouse leader the Rays desperately need. Hopefully Young, takes the advice and gets his act together. [MLB Rumors Clearinghouse]
  • Does somebody actually think that Young hitting an umpire with a bat was a good idea? [SportsPhDs.com]
  • Julio Lugo who is a free agent at the end of the season is still a potential trade target for the Boston Red Sox. [MLB-Rookies.com]
  • A Red Sox gal likes to make fun of the names of Devil Rays players. Our personal fave is “I coughed up a McCLung” [Witch City Sox Girl]
  • We wish people would finally drop the idea of contraction in baseball or the idea of moving the Rays. The Devil Rays aren’t going anywhere in the next 20 years. Get over it. [From the News and Sports Desk]
  • A former Devil Rays draft pick took his lottery ticket (4 million dollar offer from the Rockies) and wiped his ass with it, along with the other 4 times he was drafted and didn’t sign. Now he is playing in the independent American Association. Good work. [Sports. Music. Blog]
  • apparently the Blue Jays did not exist in 2004 and the Rays actually did finish last. [The Fabulous Sports Blog]
  • Jorge Cantu is the 100th player to wear a Montgomery Biscuits uniform. He won an order of Biscuits and Gravy and a week or two riding a bus from one game to the next. [Talk Alabama]
  • The name “Devil Rays” will cause demonic possession of all children in Florida [Celsius 1414]
  • Is Casey Fossum sporting a Bro? [Image]
  • Why is Rocco Baldelli on the All-Star ballot? [The Fantasy Sports Doctors]


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