Texas 6, New York 2. $200 Million payroll and here was the bottom half of the Yankees lineup…Robinson Cano batted fifth…Bernie Williams, who is 67 years old batted 6th…followed by Melky Cabrera, Bubba “don’t call me Bubba” Crosby, and Kelly Stinnett. We are in awe at what $200 Million will buy these days. Must be inflation. “What about the pitchers?” you ask…Well, Jaret Wright started, and was relieved by Scott Erickson (yes, that Scott Erickson) and Ron Villone. Sad really.

Toronto 8, Los Angeles Angels of Ana*deep breath*heim near Disney Land 4, 10 innings. four in the 10th, yada, yada, yada.

On a side note, the world apparently did end after the Orioles best the Red Sox for the first time since the Nixon administration as neither team could be found yesterday.



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