Boston Red Sox (25-16). If there was one series we followed almost as closely as the Rays-Marlins series, it was the Sox and the Phillies. We despise anything Philadelphia and it is the only time we would openly root for another AL East team. The Sox took the first two and we rooted hard for the sweep, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. The only thing that would be better than a Phillies team finishing in last place would be a Phillies team that got eliminated from the playoffs in game 162. That would be sweet.

New York Yankees (24-18, 1.5gb) . With an injury situation that is beginning to rival the luck of the Devil Rays, the Spankees and their $200 million dollar payroll lost 2 of 3 to the their crosstown rival Mets. It must really make a Yankee’s fan sick to their stomach to hear Enter Sandman at Shea Stadium when they are losing, which just makes Billy Wagner our new favorite NLer.

Toronto Blue Jays (23-20, 3gb).
The Rays are heading to Toronto at the perfect time. The Rays are red-hot and the Jays just got swept by the Colorado Rockies. How did that happen? Toronto’s offense which had been carrying them all season suddenly disappeared in the thin air of the Rocky Mountains. In three games the Jays scored a total of 7 runs. Suddenly the Rays are only 3.5 games behind Toronto for 3rd place in the division.

Baltimore Orioles (20-24, 6.5gb).
The O’s lost 2 of 3 to the Nationals over the weekend. We are no experts, but we can’t help but feel like things are dangerously close to spinning out of control for Baltimore. A 4-20 stretch is not out of the realm of possibility.



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