Texas 3, D-Rays 0. On the surface it looked like a good offensive month for the Devil Rays. They set a team record for home runs (34). They have two offensive players, Jonny Gomes and Ty Wiggington, among the league leaders in home runs and RBI. However, last night in a 3-0 loss to the Rangers, they might have shown their true offensive numbers… and they are offensive. The team is next to last in the AL in batting average (.242), tenth in OBP (.317) and tenth in runs scored (120). This team desperately needs their injured starters back. Tampa Bay is now 4 games back of division leading Boston.

Boston 7, New York 3. 2006’s first installment of the greatest rivalry in sports, saw the Red Sox spoil the return of Judas Johnny Damon. Damon did manage to thank the crowd for all booing. Maybe he thought they were chanting his nickname, Juuuuuuuuu-das. O wait…nevermind. The big blow was a 3-run home run by Big Papi David Ortiz in the 8th inning. Boston now has a 1-game lead on both the Yankees and the Blue Jays.

Toronto 9, Baltimore 7. Troy Glaus broke out of a slump and hit 2 home runs and drove in 4 for the Blue Jays. Glaus had been 6-39 which is…ok, 39 goes into 60 how many times? carry the 3, subtract the 8, multiply by pi…oh screw it…it wasn’t a good average.



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