• Who is Ty Wiggington? One blogger wonders who that is wearing Ty Wiggington’s uniform [Rays Talk]
  • And another blogger seems to think the Ray’s pitchers walk too many batters…Um, Ya Think? They even wrote a song about it. We thought we had too much free time. [Boys of Summer]
  • Ray’s VP of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman likes Coldplay. Personally, we had him pegged more as a Yanni guy [My Coldplay.com]
  • Attending Devil Ray’s games is masochistic. [Tangent Universe]
  • The Devil Rays are the best pro sports deal in town. Of course the Lightning and the Bucs aren’t playing right now. [Sticks of Fire]
  • One way to punish Delmon Young…promote him to the majors [Mets guy in Michigan]
  • Apparently the removal of Vince Naimoli is the baseball equivalent of the liberation of East Germany. [Boston Herald Blog]
  • One writer thinks the Devil Rays will lose between 122-132 games this season. Of course only one team in the HISTORY of baseball has lost more than 120 in a season. The 1899 Cleveland Spiders went 20-134. You can look it up. Vince Naimoli’s grandfather owned that team (we made that up) [Siberian Baseball]


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