Where would this team be if they had even an average bullpen? We are trying to be patient. The addition of Tyler Walker helped, but the team needs more. Last night the bullpen wasted another strong performance by Seth McClung. In fact, we haven’t done the math (we are too busy drinking our sorrows away), but this bullpen may in fact go down as one of the worst in the history of baseball. There is not ONE major league pitcher in this bullpen. This time it was Ruddy Lugo. Is Lugo a major leaguer? Not yet. Is Chad Orvella a major league pitcher? Not yet. Is Walker a closer? No. We do think Walker is a serviceable pitcher, but he is not a closer. He would probably make a good setup man. But who would close? Nobody on this team, that is for sure. “BARTENDER!! Another, and make it a double.”



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