The word finally came down from the president of the International League. Delmon Young, who threw a bat at an umpire two weeks ago, will be suspended for 50 games. He was given 10 days time served for the games he has already missed, and will be eligible to return to the Durham Bulls for the June 19 home game against Charlotte. Young also has to perform 50 hours of comunity service. The president of the IL stated that he would have only suspended Young for the entire season if he could determine that Young intended to hit the umpire. We are not going to jump on the trade Delmon Young bandwagon. The fact is, he is one of ours. He is a Devil Ray, and as long as he is, we will support him. We hated Me-Shawn before he was a buc…we loved him as a buc…and now we hate him more than ever. We will let others criticize and demonize. Do we condone what he did? Absolutely not. We were embarrased and sick to our stomach that the future of the organization could do such a thing. We believe the suspension was about right and we hope he learns from this, but the fact remains he is a D-Ray and we will support him as long as he is part of this organization.

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