There are certain players that you can’t help but love. Players like John Kruk, Greg Maddox, Jim Morris, David Wells…ok, maybe not Wells. But we love these guys because we look at them and we think, “hey, if he could do it, maybe I can do it.” Baseball players? Yes. Athletes? Not a chance in hell.

Now you can add Casey Fossum to that list. First of all, he looks like your cousin that never graduated high school and works as a grease monkey at a gas station in Zephyrhills. Add on top of that his ability to fool major league batters with a curve ball that has been clocked as slow as 45 mph. 45! We think pitches are thrown harder in T-ball.

The pitch is inexplicable. There is enough time for the batter to swing twice. It is slower than a knuckleball. It doesn’t dance like a knuckleball. The pitch is so slow that the “break” is really just gravity taking over. We aren’t really sure how it even reaches the plate, but we love it. We love it because we can do that. Maybe…just maybe some scout will discover us walking down the street as we use the “Fossum Flop” to toss an empty soda bottle into the nearest trash can. [Click on the link below to be taken to a video, showing the Fossum Flop]

Casey Fossum – Eephus Pitch []


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