Apparently this is going to become a regular feature on Rays Index. At first we joked about the curse when Julio Lugo and Luis Ordaz went down on opening day. Then we began to wonder when Jorge Cantu was injured. Then we started to get scared when Mark Hendrickson went down after what may have been his best performance in a Devil Ray uniform. Now we have this…Aubrey Huff hurt his knee last night in a collision with Nick Green and has been placed on the 15-day DL. Now we wonder if there is something to this idea of a curse. Did Chuck LaMar and Vince Naimoli curse this team with their idiocy and their lunacy? We can only plead to the new team management…for the love all things good and decent, DO NOT…we repeat…DO NOT…under any circumstances call up Delmon Young or B.J. Upton, until this curse is lifted. We can only assume, that given Lamar’s and Naimoli’s track record, that the curse won’t last too long, since they never seem to do anything right…No word yet on who will replace Huff on the roster.


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  1. East Coast Ray Follower says:

    And yet, they're not falling apart, at least not totally. With that many players, and important ones like Lugo, Cantu and Huff, this team should be sinking into Marlins territory. But they keep holding on.


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