Last night’s game would have made Forest Gump sick, and I don’t mean “cough due to cold” type of sickness. For those of you that don’t remember, Forest didn’t like to walk anywhere. Maybe the D-Rays would pitch better if Forest was on the mound. Tampa Bay pitchers walked nine batters in eight innings of work during the 16-6 loss to the Baltimore Orioles. Starting pitcher, Seth McClung, walked seven in three innings, giving up seven runs. Newly acquired Brian Meadows, gave up seven runs in 1.2 innings of work. At least he didn’t walk any batters. While the loss of this game is not the fault of the offense, they are not without blame. We over here at Rays Index are glad there was a glitch in the TiVo tonight, and we were not subjected to this game. OH THE HUMANITY!



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