We have been perplexed for a while by the way Jorge Cantu wears his batting helmet. Is the helmet too big? Does he just have a really small head? Are his eyes light-sensitive? None of these seemed to make much sense. We then thought that it was possible that he was imitating a player he admired when he was younger. In fact, the helmet pulled low over his eyes did seem familiar. We racked our brains trying to figure out what baseball player this reminded us of. Many sleepless nights passed and no answer, until finally…it dawned on us. It was not a baseball player we were seeking. In fact, we now believe that Cantu is paying homage to the great Luke Skywalker. Somehow we can imagine Cantu waving his hand at the pitcher and trying to use Jedi mind-tricks…”You WILL throw me a batting-practice fastball down the middle of the plate.” Now if he could just use the force make the pitching staff better.

“Jorge, your eyes can deceive you…don’t trust them…stretch out with your feelings”



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