Let’s call it a learning curve. Much has been made of Joe Maddon and how he likes to do things a little differently. He is very computer savvy. He hates pitch counts. He used four outfielders AND a rover against David Ortiz. He wears funky glasses. But sometimes as a manager of a baseball team, you need to ignore your “gut” and just make the classic “baseball move”. In the bottom of the seventh, score tied 2-2, with two outs and runners on second and third, Maddon brought in Shawn Camp to face ManRam, Manny Ramirez. Manny Ramirez was put on this earth to do one thing…Drive in runs. He is an RBI machine. Some in Boston have described him as a classic idiot savant. The classic move is to intentionally walk Ramirez to face Jason Varitek. Instead, Maddon chose to pitch to Ramirez and he drove a 3-2 pitch over the head and off the glove of rightfielder Russ Branyon, to give the Red Sox a 4-2 lead. Maybe Maddon was playing off his gut, or maybe he wanted to pitch righty-righty, rather than face the switch-hitting Varitek. As we write this, the D-Rays have tied the game up in the top of the 8th and are threatening to score more. Hopefully, Maddon’s questionable decision won’t cost the Rays a win. [UPDATE] Welcome back to the bigs Chad Orvella. The team failed to retake the lead and ended up losing the game 7-4. This was a tough loss for the Rays to start the road trip. Tomorrow they have have to face the red-hot Curt Schilling.

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