Since the beginning of the 2000 season, the two teams that are tied with the most opposing batters hit? The Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Boston Red Sox, which can go a long way to explaining the bad blood between the teams. Each team has hit 495 batters over that span that has included 984 games for each ball club. Of those games they have faced each other 108 times or 11% of their total games. Of the 990 hit batters by the two teams combined, 120 have occurred while facing each other or 12%. Therefore there is no evidence that these teams throw at the each other’s batters any more than they do against any other teams. Rather it may just seem that way when they play each other due to the high number of hit batters they rack up normally. When both teams hit an opposing player in the same game it is not unnatural to think the second was a retaliation, whether is actually was or wasn’t. While the high number by D-Ray pitchers is partly due to bad pitching, it is also likely due to their former skipper Lou Piniella and his well chronicled bad temper. For the Red Sox, the reasoning is most likely due to current pitcher Curt Schilling and former Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez. Both are notorious for trying to establish the inside part of the plate as their territory…Still, there is no excuse for Julian Tavarez. That idiot is just crazy.

Julian Tavarez Is Crazy, Man, Crazy []



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